Confidence in business?


Confidence in business?

When someone asks you to “put your confidence in them”, what response do you give? Is there a link between competence and confidence? Does it matter?

We often see ‘confidence’ as a positive trait to have. A quick search on the internet and you will see there is a lot to be said on the subject:

And that’s only just scratching the surface! So, is all this attention justly deserved?

There is actually very little overlap between how good people think they are and how good they really are. Just because you are confident does not make you qualified to perform a task. What makes you so sure you will succeed? Are we being over confident to secure a business deal?

Why is confidence used to motivate us, get us off the couch, make us healthier and help us live up to our potential? Doctors, entrepreneurs and whole economies can benefit from the right kind of confidence and the ways in which we can tell the good from the bad. It seems trust from others forms part of securing a deal in not only business, but in our day to day lives.

During our workshop sessions we will actively discuss behavioural traits in more depth. And confidence is a great subject to start with, both inward focusing (how would you rate your confidence and what measurements matter) and outward looking (can we spot a con from a good deal; what level of confidence do you display on your website and social media platforms).

So, confidence is more than likely to be a good trait to have, but probably better not to over use it! What are your thoughts?

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