How keeping a journal now can help you and your business ten years on!

How keeping a journal now can help you and your business ten years on!

Keeping a journal of what you are doing or experiencing right now could help you become a better business leader.
Just think about how much you have achieved over the past few weeks. It’s literally been life changing. Never before, and we hope never again, have we faced such drastic changes to the way we live our lives and conduct business.

By keeping a journal of what you have done, been though and experiencing (both physically and emotionally) will be beneficial to you once we are out of this and life begins to return to normal. Use the words you write today as a powerful message to reinforce your actions of tomorrow.

In six months, a year or even ten years from now, when you’re feeling low and thinking ‘is this all worth it’, then dig out that journal and remind yourself that you overcame a significant challenge in your life. You did it then and you can do it again!

Your journal should be honest. If you’re having a crappy day then record it, just as much as the good days and the indifferent days too. Don’t think it has to be just rainbows and cupcakes. Life is never straight forward, so vent your spleen, use it to write about what you really think. Purge yourself. After all, I’m not asking you to share it with anybody, unless you really want to!

Even if you lose your job, lose your business or even lose someone close to you, you can look back and see how you coped. You may have coped well and found support from others. Or it may have gone really, really bad. What messages can you take away from that? What would you do more of or differently next time? Who was there to support you? Who wasn’t? Use the evidence you have before you as a force for good. Rise up and be stronger for the next challenge in your life!

How you document your daily life is up to you. Use pen and paper. Type it down on your laptop. Record your voice. Whatever works for you. Use this time wisely and have no regrets.

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