IDEAS for Business

We’ve designed the Impact-Driven Environmental Action System (IDEAS), a purpose-led business focused process that will provide clarity, alignment and sustainable growth for you and your business.

IDEAS consists of four major areas of focus:






What is it that inspires you and your colleagues to get out of every day and come to work? What is your company’s purpose or mission? It’s the starting point for many entrepreneurs and business owners and without a vision, you are unlikely to be steering your company in the right direction.

Having a vision should be the bedrock of every business. It inspires you and others to do great things with the maximum impact for people, planet and your profitability. Once you have a vision then the rest will fall into place, including your values.


If vision is your ‘Why’, then values is your ‘How’. How will you take your vision and make it uniquely you. What personalities and traits do you and your team share. What are the things you will do and, equally as important, what won’t you do?

Company values aren’t just a collection of words that you think potential customers would like, they represent the essence of your business. Get them right and you can start to work on your strategy.


A strategy is an action plan that you should design to help solve your client’s needs. So, the first thing to do is identify those needs and put forward a proposition that is so compelling that securing each piece of work becomes that much easier.

For an effective strategy to be compelling and beneficial to society and the environment you will need to identify the right market opportunities, your own brand and business model before you can effectively implement the hard work you have put in to date.


Now you know where you are going and fully understand the true value you are delivering to your clients (clarity), then you need to ensure you have the right team on board with you and pulling in the same direction (alignment). 

Operations is not only about the delivery of services, but how you respond to internal and external changes. It’s therefore critical that you monitor and review the right things so that you’re able to make the right changes at the right time (growth).

Our IDEAS programme is for individuals and teams who want to focus on becoming a purpose led business. We want to help them thrive and deliver outstanding value and meaningful change for society and the environment.

Through clarity, alignment and growth we will develop your passion to achieve a vision that reflects your values and develop goals with a road map of how to get there.

If you are interested in an initial free 30-minute discussion with regard to our business coaching, mentoring or consulting, please contact us today. All conversations are confidential, and you are under no obligation. 

A total new perspective.

Growth Accelerator Programme

If you need a rapid tool that will quickly help you identify your purpose, then join our Growth Accelerator Programme. Its been specifically designed for businesses that want to grow, for good. The first cohort is scheduled to run from October 2020. We’ve designed and refined a purpose-led business process (the Impact-Driven Environmental Action System – IDEAS) for Leaders, that will help you focus on achieving great results for people, planet and profit. IDEAS consists of four steps:
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Strategy
  • Operations
However, before we even begin to delve into these areas we will work on Mindset: I will help you to develop and enact a growth mindset you need to become the best version of you. I will then introduce how you can develop or refine your vision and values that will help you see more clearly a path to achieve growth within your purpose-led business and become a better leader.
The IDEAS will be delivered over six sessions, each a fortnight apart, and will be delivered using the Zoom Cloud Meeting tool. You will also gain access to a social media group (such as Slack) with your fellow peers. Each cohort will feature a maximum of 12 participants, but the ideal group size will be 8.

“Let us all choose to be the leaders we wish we had.”

Simon Sinek